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Amazon’s robots are going mad too

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Usually I gripe about Google, how inhuman and weird its algorithms are, and how blatantly they disregard human habits and behavior (privacy including, as that famous quote from Eric Schmidt let the whole world know, that Google thinks everything should be public knowledge). Alas Amazon’s robots are going mad too. Today’s example of “programmer’s logic […]

Expensive squirrels and illogical coast guard

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News about BP oil spill is usually just frustrating, or maddening or depressing (depending on what idiotic idea corporate or governmental bureaucrats thought of now). Today’s one is pretty much maddening. Louisiana decided to use barges to suck up the oil from the gulf waters. And it works. Fantastic! Every thousand gallons helps. But no, […]

Gym: forgetfulness getting ridiculous

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Things are getting ridiculous at the gym. Unless it’s some sort of special way to claim the shower stall, men forgot today: one pair of black swimming glasses, a pair of grey underwear (hanging right on a glass door), a set of shaving supplies (if sign says “DO NOT SHAVE” then you just have to […]

City of Austin hates Arizona

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Official reason — that “discriminating” law. The real question is, really? With all of the amendments Arizona’s law expressly forbids discrimination, does not allow anyone to be stopped because of their race, and pretty much mirrors what federal law says. But who wants to read some boring law, when there’s a chance to protect illegal […]

Marketing genius: celebrities call you. Or is it?

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A friend of mine sent me a link to the site (not a link, because I don’t think it’s a good way to spend 4 bucks). After listening to several of the “sample” messages and poking around the forms, I remembered train station in Russia. St Petersburg one had a system like that — […]