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Sony and Debix: scary number of errors

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So, Sony has (finally) made the second step of trying to smoothe over this horrible Playstation Network hacking incident, and actually emailed out the invitation link to get free identity theft protection from Debix. Specifically their “AllClear ID PLUS” (the link is specific to Sony customers). Given a series of “secondary” hacks occuring at a […]

Google translate – where a dot means a lot

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Google Translate is a fun service — both as something that helps you to get a vague idea about what some news article in foreign language says, as well as an endless source of amusement and OMG WTF moments (without BBQ, unfortunately). Lesson number one: a measly dot, or an absence of one can spoil […]

Social experiment: non-pregnant “pregnant teen”

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There’s been an interesting social experiment where high school senior girl pretended for almost whole school year (6 and a half months) to be pregnant. It’s a fantastic prank, and interesting psychological experiment. While I can’t wait to see what will be the end result and conclusions from this, I have to ask a few […]