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State Representative Lon Burnam wants an income tax

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Oh gosh. There we go again. Every time there’s financial trouble, certain group of politicians immediately starts singing that old song of “if only there was an income tax in Texas!”. That it would cure the budget deficit, makes school system less suck-y and bring down the property tax, which is quite high compared to […]

HBO: no streaming for you, Netflix customer!

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So, HBO doesn’t want Netflix to stream its content. Why am I not surprised? Mostly because I believe that greed generally leads to exclusivity (even though laws of economics generally dictate that it’s not quite as profitable to squeeze every last dollar out of your customer, but rather find an optimal price, where demand and […]

Scott Pilgrim vs the Not So Interested World

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So, as I don’t want to go and see that new super epic Scott Pilgrim movie, I thought I’d jot down the reasons for it. Primary, of course, it’s the main character, and Michael Cera. I’m sorry, but despite all the glitz and humor in trailers, I got that distinct impression of Scott Pilgrim being […]

Shareholders to Apple: give us the money NOW!

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That’s why I don’t like shareholders and those “Wall Street Analysts” in general. They are near-sighted, behave like spoiled brats and generally bring to companies nothing but grief (and some money during IPO). Because Apple managed to amass $45.8 billion in cash, investors demand that those funds be given to them in the form of […]

Random facts of the week

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Well, it looks like that Chinese company, that makes book shelfs and other furniture for Walmart has “days of the Big Drill”. It’s when workers, after watching a bit too much of propaganda movies about exceeding work goals (or some other kind of educational or biologically-themed content) decide to use a slightly bigger drill size […]