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Emerald Restaurant: death by a Groupon?

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Austin Groupon this weekend is offering a deal for Emerald Restaurant: $60 for a $175 fixed price meal for two. Well, Groupon does that all the time. Except I’ve recently read that horror story about Groupon almost bankrupting small business. So, of course I was wondering how will the math pan out in this case. […]

OMG The Mutant Fish is coming. To your table.

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So, the new Genetically Modified (GM, sorry, troubled car manufacturer) fish is about to be approved by FDA for food purposes. And there we go again with all the howling about “Frankenfish”, how horrible and unpredictable mutations are, how people will die after biting a piece of sushi that contains meat from genetically modified fish. […]

Game soundtrack: Sidhe – Shatter by Module

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Shatter – Official Videogame Soundtrack by Module for Sidhe I don’t know how exactly I missed Shatter game (PS3, though they say it’s available for PC too). I was reading one of the “best Playstation 3 games” lists and it caught my attention as I do like good old break-out/arcanoid, ever since I had a […]

XBMC vs Boxee: first impressions

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So, ever since my failed Roku streamer experience I decided to investigate other options. From the silent and small group there’s WD Live and Popcorn Hour. From “stuff lying around” side — old intel box with Nvidia GeForce 310 512Mb video card. Well, in reality it had 9600 GT, but I had Pegatron Nvidia GeForce […]

Dow Jones 5000? Not this year

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Read another story about DJIA hitting 5,000 in 2-2.5 years. I suppose it’s possible. But I don’t think it will be a real bottom, more of a “hit 5k and run up like a rocket”. Generally I think it’ll be like that due to extremely short memory and ultra-high greed levels. People go get caught […]