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AT&T behaves like old self, cripples first Android phone

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Why am I not surprised? AT&T Mobility behaves like, well, AT&T. Which means this first new Android based phone gets cripled beyond belief, crapware programs added, everything gets covered with Cingular/ATT security sertificates, so that users would have no ability to install something “unapproved” “for your convenience”. Or worse, like old problem with Java programs […]

“Free” credit reports are rip-offs

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Credit is a bane (and savior) of American existence. Almost everyone (including some pets) has a file in credit reporting agency. And more and more aspects of everyday life depend on how “credit-worthy” you are. I’m not sure how exactly someone managed to convince, say, car insurance companies, that people who are not deeply in […]

Buying Campbell’s tomato soup? Go for regular, not “healthy”

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Another epic win of Marketing BS over common sense and logic. According to investigation, what is labeled as “Healthy” and “Low Sodium” tomato soup is actually identical to the regular Campbell’s soup in the amount of sodium (read “salt”). Bonus unobviousness: “healthy” version of tomato soup actually contains 1.5g of fat per serving, while regular […]