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Games and escapism — not so much escaping lately

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I have to admit, I play games to forget about my day. Heck, about regular reality at all. It’s a perfect way, really, or at least it used to be. Aside from being able to restore previously saved game state and try again (admit it, you wanted to do that with presidency — save the […]

Yellow Pages Opt Out: prime example of marketing BS

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Ah.. the wonderful world of printed advertising. Even more wonderful world of phonebook based printed advertising. Ten years aro companies were fighting to the death to be on the Yellow Pages cover and payed dearly for a bigger font or for an ugly frame around their “ad”. Because people did use those giant books, and […]

Why Buy with YBuy?

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Every once in a while the enterprising spirits of small businesses invent brand new and strange business models. And sometimes it’s so strange, that they simply stump me. Today’s example of such “um… what are they thinking?” business models is To start, it uses that “traditional” groupon-like model, where you can’t really see what […]