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Buying Campbell’s tomato soup? Go for regular, not “healthy”

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Another epic win of Marketing BS over common sense and logic. According to investigation, what is labeled as “Healthy” and “Low Sodium” tomato soup is actually identical to the regular Campbell’s soup in the amount of sodium (read “salt”). Bonus unobviousness: “healthy” version of tomato soup actually contains 1.5g of fat per serving, while regular […]

Forgotten things at the gym

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Being absent-minded myself, I always get mixed feelings at seeing how absent-minded other people can be. Sometimes, though, I can’t help but laugh. In course of going to the gym for several months, I’ve seen a number of weird forgotten things. For example: Running shoes. I suppose it’s something one can easily forget. Usually a […]

Palm, Web OS and deadly exclusivity

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I feel sorry for Palm. Palm had a perfect opportunity to become a new trendsetter, and move a ton of their new phones. Fresh new neat looking OS? Check. Nice hardware? Check. Hype and plenty of customers, hungry for something, anything new from Palm? Check. Analysts were quite happy too. It looked like Palm had […]