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Amazon, Colorado, sales tax and greed

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Oh greed, you rule all. Politicians are especially susceptible to it, because usually when the budget falls through, they prefer to rip more money from someone else, rather than reduce expenses. I suppose it’s normal for people to get used to new life, and then look back in horror on how they lived 5-10 years […]

AT&T behaves like old self, cripples first Android phone

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Why am I not surprised? AT&T Mobility behaves like, well, AT&T. Which means this first new Android based phone gets cripled beyond belief, crapware programs added, everything gets covered with Cingular/ATT security sertificates, so that users would have no ability to install something “unapproved” “for your convenience”. Or worse, like old problem with Java programs […]

Review: Dante’s Inferno (5 stars)

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Dante’s Inferno I love this game. Action and graphics is great. Given that I swiftly moved from the high class literature to pretty much pulp fiction, I am not bothered by the “interpretation” aspects of the Dante’s Divine Comedy. Heck, if this game gives some people gentle push towards actually reading it, that’s even better. […]

My cat thinks he’s a dog

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My cat, Reaper, thinks he’s a dog. I guess those first 6 months of his life did leave a mark. He loves ping-pong ball, speaks when you talk to him and likes to fetch the stick. Well… it’s a chopstick. But he is much smaller than an average dog too… Disadvantages of cat thinking he’s […]

“Free” credit reports are rip-offs

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Credit is a bane (and savior) of American existence. Almost everyone (including some pets) has a file in credit reporting agency. And more and more aspects of everyday life depend on how “credit-worthy” you are. I’m not sure how exactly someone managed to convince, say, car insurance companies, that people who are not deeply in […]