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Global Warming: cocain users did it

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Oh jeeze… yet another “You’re causing global warming no matter what you do” story. Apparently, cocaine users are making global warming worse. Because Colombian forrests are being cut down just to grow more coca plants. Someone even managed to calculate the ratio — 4 square meters of rain forrest die for every “few lines”. Now, […]

Review: A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun

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A Certain Magical Index (とある魔術の禁書目録) Yes, yes I love anime. Duh, geek and all. But I don’t like just any anime. When I started watching A Certain Magical Index I have to admit, I was worried a bit — first few episodes were a bit heavy on Tōma’s monologues. In fact, he talked way too […]

Texas got its Spring back

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Finally, temperatures are back to normal — upper 70s, pleasant and slightly breezy. Of course it also probably means that very soon it will get hotter and hotter. And screams of global man-made warming will be back too. I was quite entertained by the whole “unfair attacks, weather is not climate” screams coming after a […]

If you want broadband measured, do it yourself

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That old proverb — if you want something to be done well, do it yourself, is perfect for broadband measurements. For quite a while now FCC used third parties in “measuring” the broadband. And while practically any geek that lives outside the Verizon’s FIOS fiberoptic heaven can tell you on the spot “US broadband sucks, […]

Please let me buy tv channels à la carte

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Today’s rant is dedicated to the cable companies and other pay TV providers, that figured out how to make money by selling unneeded junk. You know that joke, “in the future there will be 500 TV channels… and nothing to watch“. The future is now. Sadly, out of the 300 or so channels I have […]