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Healthcare: insurance should not be needed

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It’s Sunday, which probably means that by the end of the day US will have “health care reform”. Political reasons aside, it’s still puzzling to me why politicians do not want to fix the actual cause of the situation. Scratch that, considering the amount of money involved in politics, I understand that. I am, like […]

Census: form in hand, questions in mind

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On there’s a recurring joke — in Soviet Russia [any noun] [any verb] you! In this case it would be “in Soviet Russia, census participates in you!” (yes, grammatically incorrect, but you get the picture). But to my surprise, US census form seems to be asking for more personal information, than Russian one. There […]

This language, such a silky song of bureaucratic thinking

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Everyday I run into oddities of the language. I suppose I pay attention because English is not my frist language. Technically speaking it’s not even my second, though leftovers of my German are barely enough to say Wienerschnitzel (I have to remember to write an ode to the wonders of childish stubbornness towards anything knowledge, […]

Post-apocalyptic metal world at Wildflower Center

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Every once in a while I go to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. And while the flowers themselves are pretty much the same year after year, each time I see some new sculpture there. Frankly, I am not a big fan of “modern” art, and constructions out of old toilets or rusty buckets usually […]

Horseback riding, and why Santa got it all wrong

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When I moved to Texas, I had a general idea of the whole “cowboys” thing that had very little in common with reality. And it’s fine. You can’t really expect movies and TV to provide you with any accurate information about any profession. Programmers cringe at pretty-looking meaningless interfaces, doctors find tons of errors in […]