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Manpacks — neat idea, but will it survive?

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Gosh, I almost started this note with “while browsing the internet …” — what a dumb idea. How does one find web sites these days? While watching TV commercials? Naw. While reading newspaper? Online, which falls under “while browsing…”. There used to be catalogues as well as periodical reviews of web sites, but it’s been […]

Gym: motivation booster and destroyer

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Before Texas, I never actually went to the gym. There were school gyms, and kendo section (also in school gym) but never “gym” gym. It’s one of those new discoveries in US — the local “super”-gym. An impressive structure, with showers, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, machines, free weights, running tracks, basketball courts and rock […]

Health mandate, do it like in Germany

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I’m surprised that the Senate and the Congress didn’t seem to have studied how other countries solve problems that come with “health mandate” or just mandatory health insurance in general. I wonder if current situation is simply a holdover from the time where original plans contained a public option, or a non-profit alternative, where citizens […]

Sprint Evo: a phone any geek would want

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All I want to say is “Wow!”. Can it be? Could we finally have “the” perfect Android based handset in the form of HTC Evo? Certainly looks like it. HTC took everything cool about Android hardware, and Sprint had enough sense not to screw up the design (I was quite shocked when I saw Sprint […]

Change of weather, change of MS’ heart

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Austin was pleasantly warm for a couple days, and yet again the cool weather is back. It’s a bit of an annoyance — temperature jumps like a scared rabbit. 75F in the afternoon, and low 30s at night, with some rural areas getting a light freeze. I’ve learned it a long time ago that rural […]