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Greece and Euro – will Germany be freed?

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I keep reading news about Greece’s fiscal crisis and keep wondering, what will be the outcome of the whole situation. I don’t really believe in ability of Greek government to clamp down on all public workers and squeeze out enough money to permanently resolve the debt problem. No way. It’s like suddenly deciding to cut […]

BK is crazy? How about that NAMI guy?

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The Washington Post is writing on how new BK commercial is offensive to Mental Health specialists. Specifically that Michael Fitzpatrick guy, executive director for National Alliance on Mental Illness. I suppose complete lack of humor could be considered a mental illness too, and we should feel sorry for him. I’m sorry, but this is utter […]

Arnie, come back

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After watching Conan the Barbarian once again, I’ve realized how much I miss old-time action movies. Arnie pretty much played similar character over and over, but… it was fun somehow. And then he became a governator. Sad… Who could be his replacement? Matt Damon? Not really, though his Bourne series were getting relatively close (absence […]

Telecom pricing: ad price is not the price

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When I just moved to Texas, I was shocked at local telecommunication pricing. Not as much at how much it costs (well, at that too, sometimes) but how far away you are removed from the real price. First encounter was with the regular phone, but then pretty much the same problem happens in almost all […]

Topeka renamed itself into Google, Google into Topeka

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Thanks to April Fool Day, Google decided to repay Topeka, KS by changing its name to, well, Topeka. Aside from giggles that this “retaliation” produces, the real question is how soon will Topeka gets Google’s gigabit service? I wish Google’s Gigabit would come to Austin, TX too. Aside from having a large student population, Austin […]