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How Amazon killed the PlayBook’s chance for mass adoption

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So, it’s been a few days since Amazon introduced its Kindle Fire, and now I think we can put a final dot in RIM’s PlayBook’s chance for mass adoption. Poor RIM, undercut by the very same hardware manufacturer that made the PlayBook. But first, let me tell the reasons why I think PlayBook won’t play […]

A Gifted Man: meh with a medical angle: 3 out of 5 stars

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While I do love the Vampire Diaries, it only comes on once a week. And in between I do need to watch something, just to take my mind off of work stuff. Hence the new season of hunting for new things to watch have started. I decided to try A Gifted Man. Medical drama. Supernatural […]

DreamWorks Animation signs with Netflix for $30mil a movie

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The New York Times writes about a streaming deal between Netflix and DreamWorks Animation. While it’s a great news — any additional content on streaming is welcome after that kerfuffle with price changes and all, I couldn’t help but notice that little analyst estimation of $30 million per picture per unspecified time period. Now, analysts […]

Google Wallet: a fun beginning

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The new service from Google Google Wallet is a fun beginning. While it’s rather limited at the time, I believe it could be a nice and useful way to help users to save real money. But there are certain things that should happen first or at least very soon: – Any card, any bank, for […]

Netflix separates DVD service into Qwikster

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So, Netflix is going to further separate out DVD-by-mail from network streaming and now there’s going to be Qwikster. Aside from reminding me of that Netsle’s drink mix, it’s a bit sad that logo and web address will change. More interesting, is how much of a firewall will there be between the companies. Specifically, would […]