Legion on FX: what the…

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So I have finally watched first episode of the Legion show from FX. The results are… mixed, at best. I guess I went into this with wrong expectations. I kind of expected “superhero TV series linked to X-Men” and it ended up being something akin to Twin Peaks on steroids. Or worse. Very confusing, quite weird and somewhat boring.

Warnings signs should have been praises for bringing forward “mental health issues” (see here and here), but, unfortunately, I decided to read in-depth reviews after watching the actual shows instead of before it. I don’t really expect that to be the focus of science fiction. Yes, people suffer from mental conditions (and deserve help and understanding) but should it be primary focus of quite long and thus jumbled and confusing episode? I don’t think so.

This episode also was waaay too similar to season 1 episode 4 of the Magicians, which didn’t help and kinda made me groan “not again”.

I wish the back-story was a bit compressed, not full-blown more-than-an-hour of mental hospital. I’ll probably watch second episode but so far expectations went way downhill to “not for me” label (and “give me more wit and action and fun things”).

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