Google Fiber TV: time to opt-out from TV history?

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Google Fiber TVLooks like Google Fiber TV is about to trample all over TV ads industry. And add a bit of a headache for TV viewers too. If you’re one of the lucky few who has it in your neighborhood, you might get extra extra custom ads soon.

Fiber TV in Kansas City will soon be testing more customizable ads that will complement local TV ads in live and DVR-ed shows. It’s already done by regular local TV stations, except now advertisers will have a chance to target not just particular geography an shows, but also your watching history. So if you, say, ever watched some automotive racing shows you might get custom ad for local high-end racing car dealership. Oh, and bonus — dealership will actually know if you saw the ad. Kinda like internet advertising.

Good things:
– ads might actually be less stupid and annoying
– advertisers will really see how many people actually watched the ad versus going with “audience estimation” (so particular fluffed-up TV shows might experience slight… reduction in ad rates because people don’t really watch them)
– local business will only pay if ad has been seen, and not throw their budget into the airwaves hoping it works

Bad things:
– online “relevant” ads didn’t really became relevant (or at least I was unlucky) so this “better targeting” might not make ad experience more enjoyable
– random marketoids will be able to target you based on what you watched
– there’ll be a list of everything your household ever watched

Important thing:
If you don’t trust marketing promises, you can opt-out from the viewing history collection in Fiber TV Settings.

Also see AdWeek article.

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