How to really unsubscribe from Google Birthdays Calendar

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So our beloved Google Overlords have pooped on us graced us with a new useless feature that you can’t turn off. Because, really, who doesn’t want to have a new calendar that shows thousands of birthdays on it. You know, if you actually happened to have a lot of people in your Google Plus circles.

You can hide the calendar, but you’re still subscribed to it. Why? I don’t know. Someone in UX department had a brain-dead idea. And they want you, silly user, to use it. Previous workaround, where the new calendar showed up in “Interesting Calendars” thus inadvertently allowing you to (gasp!) unsubscribe, was quickly fixed. But I’ve found another workaround.

Brace yourself, it involves JavaScript!

Specifically, follow these steps:

1. Open the settings page of the calendar (
2. Open JavaScript console (in Chrome click View->Developer->JavaScript console)
3. Paste the following code into the console:


4. Press [Enter]
5. You will get a confirmation on the setting page, asking if you really want to unsubscribe from the Birthdays calendar. Click Unsubscribe.


The End. You will be unsubscribed. “Birthdays” will no longer show up in “My Calendar” section, etc etc.
So far everything seems to be fine and zombie calendar didn’t return 🙂 (until they “fix” it on server side anyway)

Basically LNa is the function that is normally called when you click “Unsubscribe” link — you can see it if you have any other calendars. The ID of birthdays calendar is that I…bQ string. So this “fakes” case as if there was actual “Unsubscribe” link. And instead of messing with HTML elements, you just call this function directly from JS console.

p.s. if for some reason this didn’t work, try JNa instead of LNa. Or look at the unsubscribe links that you have:
Right-click, inspect element on unsubscribe link, use the same function:

html inspect

Hope this helps!

Update only two months later (from January 9th when I wrote this to March 4th), and looks like Google actually adding an official way to hide mega-birthday-avalanche:

9 Responses to “How to really unsubscribe from Google Birthdays Calendar”

  1. Andrea Moro

    I wish it could work … the only thing returned from the console is an empty unsorted list

    Any idea?

  2. Andrea Moro

    Ok, got it … in my case – don’t ask me why, but the other Unsubscribe links were bind with a function called JNa instead of LNa … so if the first one doesn’t work, try the second, and if it doesn’t work again have a look to the link of another calendar you may have subscribed.

    Use the same function and BOOOM (you f**k the totally-stranger-birthday-calendar)

    • Max Smolev

      Well the javascript here is automatically generated, hence the horror names 🙂 Glad it worked! I’ve added a few more instructions for those who might not be in “LNa” camp. Thank you for your comments!

  3. IJ Reilly

    This worked for me — thanks! Very irritating that Google makes it so hard to remove the calendar from the sidebar.

  4. Charlie

    Awesome!! Thank you so much. Now, I hope you have a new solution ready when the Calendar Nazis in Mountain View figure out how to defeat this fix!

  5. Tyler M

    I got it to work by using “ANa” since that’s what I saw as the ID of other unsub links.

    Thanks -so- much for this!

  6. David

    worked for me… thanks! but I had to use “BNa” instead of Lna or Jna…. btw: would this work to unsubscribe from other calendars as well? How do you know which calendar-ID is deleted?

  7. rskahlon

    Thanks for these instructions. I had to inspect the element and use a “n” (lowercase), as the first letter.


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