Constantine TV series: Supernatural too?

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ConstantineI really liked Constantine the movie, even though it turned out to be not quite “accurate” (blah-blah-blah, British accent missing, blah), so I was quite interested to see the “TV” version on NBC. This Constantine is different. Way more scruffy, way more typically British and way more… formulaic. I mean I haven’t actually read any of the comic books but the very first episode seemed to be basically way too predictable, especially if you watched anything else — Supernatural, or the Dresden Files (despite the fact that it was severely castrated compared to actual books).

Constantine miscalculated and managed to get little girl dragged into hell, so now he’s suffering because of it and is damned. Demons now about it, so does a pushy angel, and the only question is “can he redeem his soul before death”. First episode is traditional “victim hunted by demon without knowing of her super-power” cliche story plot. With a bit of exposition.

Nothing especially clever, not much humor, unfortunately. I’ll see second episode before making final decision but for now it’s all too much of a “meh”

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