Google Nexus 6: cool phone, crazy price and size

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nexus 6Sooo, we now officially have Google Nexus 6 from Motorola. And Android Lollipop too. Which is nice. But the price…

Up until now all Nexus devices were examples, shiny beacons of how you could have an awesome almost-flagman android device at super-affordable price. Your choice was to get “pure” Google experience and manually smooth over rough edges of some questionable UX decisions, or pay twice that and get something from HTC or one of the other OEMs and also sometimes deal with questionable UX decisions.

Now this “super-affordable” price aspect no longer applies. It’s twice the price of older Nexus 5. $650 for 32Gb version. Um… not sure it’s worth it any more.

Because you can get a new Moto X 32Gb for $100 less. Or a new LG G3 for $50 less. While rapid charging is an awesome feature, all the sweetness of Android 5.0 Lollipop will be available on both of other phones (rapid charging should also be available on new Droid series device from Moto/Lenovo). Heck, LG G3 has a better screen and smaller size. I use LG G3 now and the phone is already slightly too big for me, going even larger with 6″ form factors is basically no-go for me.

Yes, people can compare Nexus 6 to Galaxy Note 4 series, but I don’t want a Note or mega-Phablet and do think that Note prices are batshit crazy. Phone will suffice, thank you very much.

I guess Google has finally made good on promise to not compete aggressively with OEM manufacturers. If you want an awesome flagman at an awesome price, go with Motorola X 2nd gen. If you want better screen and a bit less of a bulk — there’s LG. For overpriced cases and die-hard “only Google Experience” fans, there’s now Nexus 6 🙂

Fans will now commence a traditional Apple-fanboy-like song-and-dance telling you of how much more value you get, and thus price is “totally reasonable” but… while “reasonable”, it’s unremarkable and certainly isn’t awesome price any more. Aside from “pure” Google experience and faster processor (which shouldn’t be that important given that Lollipop promised better graphics optimization) and lack of SD card (oh wait, that’s not a feature), is it worth its higher price over Moto X? I can’t say “of course it does”.

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