Extant: quite good, actually

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ExtantCBS’s Extant turned out to be better than I expected.

After Almost Human got whacked due to low ratings I don’t expect science fiction series to survive long, but Extant might have a chance. Even though it gives me this mixed feeling of familiarity and compote made out of all the tropes they could throw together. I might give away some plot details accidentally, but if you’ve been watching trailers and such you probably know all of this already.

There is space travel and, therefore, aliens of sorts. Because never waste a space trip. In the “Event Horizon” kind of way (but so far less scary).

There is an unexplained pregnancy when “all hope is lost”, so there has to be a creepy pregnancy-related horror moment here and there. In the Prometheus kind of way.

There is an android child, made by the husband, so cue in “robots will kill us all” warning notes. In the A.I. Artificial Intelligence kind of way.

There is a super-powerful mega-corporation, capable of everything and anything, and seemingly deeply involved in everything that’s going on.

Throw in a few pinches of betrayal, add a dash of conspiracy and…. it’s quite nice so far 🙂 I like how they keep adding layers and layers of it all, and so far I am interested in seeing where it goes.

Alas, given that the show already is being moved around the timetable due to fall in ratings and thus it might not survive that long.


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