Review: Max Gladstone: Three Parts Dead – 4 stars

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Three Parts DeadMax Gladstone: Three Parts Dead

There is that time of the year when you get a book hiatus. All the favorite authors are busy re-charging or typing feverishly new masterpieces and you have absolutely nothing to read. No new werewolf stories. No spunky witches hunting evil interlanders. Sookie Stackhouse not getting into trouble with fey. Dresden is having a short vacation.

I get desperate, I admit. So, I tried Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone. I have never seen until now an attempt to link together magic and, well, lawyers (which was surprising as I expected something akin to an urban fantasy). And it kinda works. Main character is a spunky female Tara that dared to defy power-hungry authority figure. She suffers consequences but gets invited into a very powerful lawyer nercomacy firm that solves problems of people whose deity has died. Slightly convoluted plot, elements of a detective story with somewhat predictable ending and pleasant after-ending bit.

Liked: the setting and how everything comes together in this version of the universe. Tara’s boss is interesting. Plot twists are mildly interesting.

Not liked: narration is a bit slow. Okay, maybe not a bit — first part is rather slow, but I managed to get through it. There are many referrals to old events that could have been included in the story to spruce it up a bit.

Overall not bad. Not sure if I’d want to read a sequel, if there’s ever one.

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