Review: Psycho-Pass/サイコパス anime (4 stars)

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It doesn’t happen that often, but every once in a while I run into nice new anime. Lately there’s been a lull, but finally I stumbled on Psycho-Pass. Futuristic story about the society, where artificial intelligence system Sybil is providing, essentially, all guidance for everyone — where you should study, what job you should take, etc. It’s all done thanks to monitoring and reading people’s psychological state. Based on that, the system assigns you a “crime probability coefficient” and psycho-pass color — the higher your coefficient is, the cloudier your psycho-pass becomes (and more people obsess over it). And more dangerous for society you are considered to be. As your hue changes, you get assigned therapy or medical intervention, but sometimes nothing helps and people flip out.

Series follows a group of Enforcers — criminals who are considered to be incurable and have detective-handlers, who control them. Each one is equipped with the Dominator — special gun connected to Sybil. If the target is considered to be well-behaved, the gun won’t fire. For high “enforcement” cases it shoots paralyzing impulse, and higher — kills.

A rather interesting premise. From one point of view, everyone in society believes that Sybil is always perfect, and accepts job, training, everything dispensed based on their hue. On the other hand, how come there are still criminals? And worse, along the way, the story reveals even more disturbing cases where criminal isn’t considered to have high crime coefficient so… can’t be shot. Plus other side stories tell what happens when, for example, a close friend gets whisked away for having cloudy psycho-pass. And, of course, “forbidden romance”.

Four stars — some detective stories are rather interesting. World is painted gradually, with more and more interesting details added.
Romance side, unfortunately, a bit predictable (okay, up to 13th episode, I don’t know what will happen next). It makes me think of Death Note in terms of plot getting more and more twisted. Plus back-stories of characters are gradually revealed.

Warning for those, who might be upset about some rather bloody scenes (well, it’s futuristic anime with smart guns, after all)

Series are available on Hulu for free Psycho-Pass

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