Google is now officially Apple as Nexus 4 sells out in 20 minutes

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Soo… Yes, I stayed up late to try to order Nexus 4 for a friend (I’ll probably buy one for me too, but perhaps later). Supposed debut in store should have happened with a stroke of midnight Eastern Time. But… midnight comes and goes and store is still an empty pumpkin.

Except Nexus 4/10 went on sale in Australia. Until it sold out under an hour. And UK seems to be too — on Google Plus there’s a bunch of people complaining about checkout being broken, system timing out, shopping carts being wiped.

I guess Google is now officially Apple, where launch is a giant cluster fark with people hunting for the new hot tech toy, everything being sold out ASAP and tons of customers howling because shopping card crashed this close to checkout. And when will the next batch be for sale? (or the first one, for US) — nobody knows!

Oh well. Time to go to sleep.

Oh, and “US Launch per Google Support” is now 9AM Eastern time on Nov 13. Unless, of course, it happens earlier, and sells out in 20 minutes. Come on, Google, you have enough servers to handle the load, right? Or your design is totally non-scalable and your Wallet systems are …well… empty pumpkins at midnight. Unless, of course, there were just, say, 200 phones per country 🙂

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