Did Verizon sneak up and bit EE? Extremely Expensive!

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When I was visiting London last Summer, I was quite surprised with prices for prepaid and even some post-paid cell phone plans (or, as they’re called “Pay and Go” and “Pay Monthly”). 15 pounds buys you either a gig and a half of data on O2 (as prepaid, with some minutes and texts) or unlimited data with some minutes (on Three). So, I figured when T-Mobile and Orange UK have merged into EE company (Everything Everywhere), their new LTE price plans would be pretty much on the level with competition.

But it looks like Verizon sneaked up and bit them in their butt or something, cause freshly announced plans are as bad as Verizon’s in USA. It’s not only that you have to sign 24 month contract, their minimum plans are 500Mb with free BT WiFi. That’s what, less than 10 minutes of full-speed data download. What’s the point of having “super-fast” LTE, if your data cap vanishes so quickly? And that, with unlimited minutes and texts cost *36 pounds*.
You want a contract? Go with O2: 26 pounds for a gig of data + unlimited voice/text. Heck, EE’s SIM-only plans will “start” from 21 pounds. With O2 you’ve got a deal… Plus some options also allow you to use O2 WiFi hotspots (and some roaming). And with Three you’ve got completely unlimited internet for less.

EE is named that for being Extremely Expensive, not Everything Everywhere. I hope customers will see it for what it’s worth — not much in terms of being a deal.

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