Bayonetta 2: Wii U only, with a side of marketing BS storm

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Wii U, the new Nintendo console, is finally getting announced, and a few games with it too. Bayonetta 2 being one of such announcements. Except, there’s a bit of a firestorm over the whole thing, due to the fact that Bayonetta 2 will now be Wii U exclusive. Both Nintendo and Bayonetta fans are not amused.

Aside from some mega-vocal idiotic fan minority that curses Platinum Games and promises violence, regular fans are also upset, though keeping their emotions in check. I am upset too, as I loved the original Bayonetta — it’s fun, sufficiently violent, and has plenty of laughs in it too.

I am mostly upset over Marketing BS that Platinum Games spits out:

Bayonetta is a brand that we want to see become stronger, reaching the hands of more and more gamers, so we have continued to consult with SEGA, the previous game’s publisher, on how we can make sure this takes place. Our answer was a new partnership with Nintendo.

Sorry, but if you really want to reach hands of more gamers, then you publish your game on all platforms. It’s not that Wii U offers something extremely new and different (aside from tablet controller, which is generally useless for dynamic action game that Bayonetta is), it’s simply catching up to the current PS3/Xbox 360 platforms (heck, it’s still behind in some capabilities). So, you just hope that this new platform will do well enough and you will ride a wave of success, being one of few new games amid the bunch of ports of older titles.

That’s ok. Just say so. Or say “Nintendo agreed to finance our game development so it will be Wii U exclusive”. Which would also be fine. But babbling about expanding game reach while contracting availability? Sorry, but that upsets me.

Can you imagine screams of Nintendo fans if next Mario game would suddenly became Playstation 4 exclusive? Exactly. First Bayonetta started out as being on multiple platforms, so “be thankful that second one comes out at all” essentially means “you have to buy Wii U or you’re not fan enough”, and for many it’s not an option. Mostly because Nintendo has been building Wii platform as a family/casual gaming (with a large tidal wave of marketing tie-in crap-games), so it would be like buying a $360 game. I’m not going to play anything else that is Wii U exclusive, and getting yet another box for just one game doesn’t make much sense. Hence, I won’t play Bayonetta 2.

I guess one possible option is to rent both Wii U and Bayonetta 2 in one package. As long as that can be reasonably priced. But odds of that happening are also small.

So my only hope is that Platinum Game survives a drop in title sales (face it, Wii U won’t be able to catch up to PS3 and XBox 360 sales numbers in many many months) and then re-publishes Bayonetta 2 later for other platforms. Or just bring Bayonetta 3 to Playstation 4, Xbox 3 and Wii U. I can hope, right? 🙂

p.s. I probably should curb my enthusiasm for a chance of Bayonetta 3. As second installment will be linked to the brand new hardware platform, odds of selling more than 2 million copies (1.05 mil PS3 + 0.83 mil Xbox 360) are low. Which means the next round of negotiations with SEGA will be from a worse position 🙁

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