American Apparel: never ever give them email. Ever.

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So… a while ago I was stupid enough to order something from American Apparel online and used my real email — it was for a friend of mine, and ordering process was easy and experience was pleasant like a nice and sunny day. Fantastic.
Except afterwards I got an email with marketing blah. Oh well, I’ll just unsubscribe then. Click on Unsubscribe, yes, I do want to unsubscribe. Confirmation in my email box, reading “one last goodbye”. Ha-ha-ha, I was so naive.

And then a week later I got another email.
Um… didn’t I unsubscribe? And got that Last Goodbye? Fine, I’ll do it again. Unsubscribe link clicked, everything is done, confirmation with second “last goodbye” received. Well, this time it’s for real, right? Wroooong! Ten days later — new email. “Get up to 70% off top designers today!”

WTF? At this stage their online systems are already behaving like an obsessive girlfriend that you just can’t break up with. It got me very angry. So, I blasted an email to a few addresses from their web site. Michelle reassured me that everything was removed manually and she let their team know about that glich (well I thought it was a glitch, right? I was naive) and I won’t hear a peep from them again.

That was in February of this year. Guess what happened today? That’s right. It’s been a whole half a year and their systems decided that I was bored and certainly need to get Yet Another Advertising Email from them.

This time the email included this perfect little gem:

You’re receiving this email because you purchased something from the American Apparel Online Store, but didn’t subscribe with us. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive exclusive offers, invites to sales and updates on our latest styles!

What! The! F*ck?!
You didn’t subscribe with them and that’s the reason they are sending you an email? You can’t win. If you subscribe, you get the email (duh, cause you’ve subscribed) and if you don’t subscribe you get one anyway. Except this time there’s not even a pretend “unsubscribe” link, because I haven’t subscribed, ha-ha-ha.

I guess I have to block everything that has their domain from ever reaching my mailbox ever again. Did I say “ever”? Aren’t companies supposed to follow CAN-SPAM act? American Apparel certainly doesn’t seem to give a hoot.

If you absolutely have to buy something from them, do it offline. Or use throw-away email address, because you’re not getting off of their mailing list ever again.

2 Responses to “American Apparel: never ever give them email. Ever.”

  1. hans e

    Same exact problem here, which let me to your page here. I’ve tried to unsubscribe a half dozen timen. I then sent a message through their Contact Us form, and nobody replied.

    I gave up and reported them to the Federal Trade Commission. Everyone with this problem should do the same:

    I’ll spend my money on a company that doesn’t engage in this practice.

  2. Aaron

    I thought I was the only one. I bought a couple of shirts from them a few years ago, but now they’re blowing up my inbox. When I go to the unsubscribe page and click “UNSUBSCRIBE,” the damn link just takes me to the subscribe page, which is the last thing I would ever want to see. Ever.


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