Review: Darksiders II for PS3 – 4.5 stars

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Darksiders II for PS3

Frankly, I didn’t expect to buy the Darksiders II. While walk-through videos of the first game seemed nice enough, the ads for the second were all over the place. But what the heck, Fry’s has a sale, so I actually bought the game on the release day. And I don’t regret it.

Unexpected: while I thought this will be something closer to the God of War, which I love, the end result was somewhat different. It’s not as much slasher/button masher/platformer, but more of a puzzle game with elements of the button masher. Most of the time spent trying to find the right door, move balls into the position and fixing total disrepair of the world of Creators that speak with Irish accent. I don’t mind at all.

The problem so far is in a very uneven level of the puzzles. Either that, or I’m having way too many brain farts. Specifically, puzzles are either very easy and straightforward, or completely and totally confusing. Using “dusty the crow” to “help” doesn’t always do much — on a few occasions where I was trying to fix the “tears” to the forge it would fly to the door, I walk through the door, request scouting function again and it would fly right back to the door. WTF? Useless.

But most problems are bosses. It took many, many deaths to figure out that you’re supposed to roll the ball at the giant beetle (balls are all the rage in the game 😛 ). Slashing it while it’s upright just doesn’t work. Even if you are directly underneath it and, theoretically, should catch it in the belly. But noooo, only when hit by a ball bug flops on the side and then you can slash it. Really?

The “items” aspect is a bit odd. You’re supposed to manage the inventory and figure out which kind of mittens and flip-flops to equip to make the Nephalem do better in battle (Diablo III much? :)). Add to that the fact that there are two levels of menus, and navigating all options becomes more cumbersome than solving puzzles and killing monsters. But it’s a minor problem, hence half a star penalty.

Graphics is not bad, but not stellar. Once the game got stuck (big hall with one mask from the wall, that’s supposed to attack you, had a glich, and I’ve spent 40 minutes trying to figure out what to do, because mask simply stayed on the wall after I’ve killed summoned creatures).

Don’t care much about DLC at this point, just want to finish the story and see if Death does the opposite of his name and restore humanity, wiped out in the first Darksiders.

Now excuse me, I have a Hercules monster to punch in the face.

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