The Dark Knight Rises: huh?

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So, I have finally watched the Dark Knight Rises, the very last (for now) part of the Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga. And my primary reaction was “Huh?”.

I suppose I was a bit tired when watching it after a long day. I’m also not a big Batman fanboy — I mean I like the idea and some of the movies were alright, but I haven’t read the comic book, so I can’t really say, what plot lines the movie was based on and so forth. For me, this was just a continuation of the Dark Knight. And quite unsatisfying one at that.

Spoilers and whining below, you’ve been warned.

First of all, the movie didn’t seem to make much sense. Bane as the Evil Terrorist was supposed to both lure Batman out of retirement, torture him (for betraying that cult?) and destroy him and the city? Really? Which part was the main one? If destruction of Batman (pardon moi, attempted destruction of Batman) was such long and convoluted process, I’m scared to think how many weeks it takes him to make a breakfast for himself.
The Batman was “retired” due to Harvey Dent incident, what’s the point of trying to force him back into the suit?

If the Gotham City was supposed to be destroyed due to being a corrupt and bad place, why doing it after it was somewhat cleaned up? Why not trigger the bomb immediately, if that’s somehow was a grand idea of the cult? Or was this a clumsy and convoluted attempt to combine a personal vendetta with business of cult? Not sure.

Bane seemed a rather boring character in all. I suppose it was the mask, which restricted him to over-gesticulating and bulging eyes from time to time, plus extra pretentious speeches. At certain moments he was somewhat difficult to understand too. His motivation beyond “evil guy who wants to kill Batman” didn’t make any sense, nor did most of his actions. Heck, the Joker, who was an agent of chaos, seemed way more interesting than Bane.

Catwoman was rather fun — she had most one-liners, but there wasn’t much of her in the movie. She was instrumental in the final outcome, of course, but still, could be a bit more fun in terms of “cat-fight” between the Batman and her.

Miranda’s actions seemed clunky and odd. Revenge? Perhaps. Even after what her father did? Her involvement with the Batman seems just a fling, all while he also seemed interested in Selina and then, surprise, this billionaire girlfriend turned out to be a fake revenge-driven nutcase. Mmmm… okay…

Blake/Robin got a lot of screen time, and for a while I expected him to turn out to be the mastermind behind Bane’s madness with some greater purpose hidden somewhere in the shadows, but no, he’s just the Robin (or, perhaps, Batman’s replacement in the future movie).

Fights and chase sequences were rather fun. Gadgets weren’t quite plentiful but also fun, especially the new bat-motorcycle 🙂 Other than that, the movie was kinda Meh — typical set of action genre inconsistencies (what, stock exchange suddenly forgot how to roll back fraudulent transactions? why didn’t Batman rip off Bane’s important-looking mask during any fights? death of the city by multi-month-long timer bomb?).

I hated the first film in the trilogy, which is probably why I don’t find the whole Ra’s al Ghul arc interesting or fascinating. I prefer the action-y parts. Or ironic parts. Or funny parts. Which is why the Dark Knight movie remains my favorite. At least for now.

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