Diablo III: Launch night mega fail

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So, the battle with Evil is supposedly on. Except for Diablo III this Evil is way more real, and it’s name is “Error 37”.

Yet again Blizzard managed to severely underestimate the load. And when hoards of users decided to log in… well… you get “Error 37”. Hardware is expensive, and buying enough for the launch is, apparently, too much to ask.

Official Blizzard CS twitter account keeps on asking people to try again, and errors just keep on coming.

Of course the primary problem is somewhat different. Why demand that people log in even in single-user mode? I bet a sizable number of users would be happy to keep exploring single-player campaigns thus sparing Blizzard total server meltdown. But, I guess, they are too afraid of being behind the times, with multiplayer baked in forever. And the auction houses too, which pretty much precludes being able to collect gear in single mode (“it’ll be hacked!”)

And, of course, when the server craps out with Error 37, you have to type in paste your password over, and over, and over again. Because, well, who thinks about little UX problems like that?


p.s. So as the launch day comes to an end, Blizzard took the servers down a number of times, for “patching”, “addressing an issue” and so on and so forth. When I was able to connect, ping was jumping up and down like Shaman’s frog, going from green to yellow to red and back in a matter of minutes. And playing on “yellow” is already practically impossible. Mega-fail 🙁

4 Responses to “Diablo III: Launch night mega fail”

  1. Eric

    Yes this a a major fail. I guess the record breaking pre-orders did not provide enough money for servers that could handle the load. Blizzard has been promoting launch events for weeks, what a joke.

    • Max Smolev

      I’m sure in a few days load will stabilize and it will be but another distant memory of “traditional first day mega-fail”. Though I wonder how many of such launches do they need before initial spike of traffic can be accurately estimated. And dealt with…

  2. Asashii

    thats what people get for buying online only BS, hey why should we sell you something out-right when we can just nickle and dime and bleed you dry every month with such glorious things like DLC, lets take a mostly single player game that even in multi it was like 4 players at once in a party and give it Online always, its 2012 everybody has high speed internet RIGHT, then when you do get suckered into buying it you cant even play, damn this new generation of people, you guys just take whatever they give you crap and all huh, push over sheeple, i get what i pay for and dont settle, but i just have life experience and Know better, NO Blizzard and NEVER will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. John Down

    Haaaahahaha, “always-on”, “clouds”… – the future of gaming, even for singe-player… shows again it’s ugly grimace. If the server is down or the company is bankrupt you can put your game to the scrapheap!!!


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