Turkey and cheese sandwich not good enough, girl forced to buy nuggets at cafeteria

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Whoa. American schools have really weird rules. These, no doubt, came from some admirable desire to provide all kids with equally nutritious lunch, which resulted in this strange role of lunch box inspector. If someone told me that all lunches were to be inspected, I wouldn’t believe. Until now.

Yep, in North Carolina there are special inspectors that check kids lunches. And one overzealous one decided that cafeteria cooked chicken nuggets were better than a turkey sandwich. Because even homemade stuff has to comply with USDA standard (or else… what? the article doesn’t say).

Aside from informing the kid that her mom gave her “bad” lunch (thus none of that whole wheat sandwich got eaten), the bonus insult, added to this injury, was a $1.25 bill for forced cafeteria lunch. Ugh. I certainly hope that unnamed inspector will not be inspecting anything any more. Unless he/she grows brains.

p.s. Update: Congressmen wrote a WTF letter to US Agriculture secretary. You know you’ve screwed up pretty bad when both democrats and republicans are outraged. Hopefully this will prevent another unfortunate pre-schooler from being forced to eat a school lunch.

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