Soon airlines will finally be forced to post the real price

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Finally. It doesn’t happen often, but there is a new regulation that I wholeheartedly support. Starting from January 24th 2012 airfares in ads will have to include taxes and fees. Yes!
It means when the ticket costs $1500 it won’t be advertised as $500 super fare, which just happen to have extra thousand bucks in taxes and fees. Now, the optional fees still won’t be included in advertised price, which means that checked bag will probably cost us dearly, and there probably will be “online ticketing” fees soon, just like Spirit does (because theoretically you can buy ticket at the airport, ha-ha).

I hope this will survive all possible ridiculous challenges in court (“Freedom of Expression”, anyone? Because airlines should be free to lie about the real cost of the trip in their ads). And I also hope that local phone/cable/cellphone providers will be next, because while in telecom taxes and fees hasn’t quite reach 100%+ level like they did in travel business, they are way, way too high to be quietly ignored in those lovely TV commercials advertising you cell phone plan (that requires FCC fee, local tax, county tax, sales tax, USF charge, franchise fee, and some other additional charges).


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