A Gifted Man: meh with a medical angle: 3 out of 5 stars

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While I do love the Vampire Diaries, it only comes on once a week. And in between I do need to watch something, just to take my mind off of work stuff. Hence the new season of hunting for new things to watch have started.

I decided to try A Gifted Man. Medical drama. Supernatural angle. Ghosts. And yet the whole thing results in kinda “meh” feeling. Mostly because it’s not very believable that a neurosurgeon of Dr House’s caliber played by Patrick Wilson would accept that easily hallucinations of his dead wife. Plus, unlike elaborate and fun ones in Dr House, these ones seem to be rather bland. Ex wife is remarkably intact, bats eyelashes, asks hubby to do good things. Groan.

And the first signs of upcoming “drama” events are already visible — as dr Holt can’t help but “chat” with the ghost left and right, other clinic workers notice that he’s talking to the empty space, and I bet there will be some “questions” in next episodes. At a certain point this brilliant neurosurgeon will have to take a leave of absence (at the insistance of colleagues and/or board of directors of that fancy clinic) and he will dedicate his time to helping poor and uninsured.

That’d be heartwarming, and incredibly dull story-wise. And I don’t think that script-writers have balls to make the ex-wife into a scheming evil nasty that is trying to ruin ex’es reputation by distracting him from important things and making all the wrong choices under guise of “doing the right thing”. Pity, though, could be an interesting twist.

So far — 3/5 , for good acting and pretty scenery. Might see one more episode before giving up completely.

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