The most fun I’ve had with 3D this week: Google Maps Street View

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Well, I’ve completely missed the fact that Google Maps Street View is now available in 3D. So, while Hollywood is wringing hands about 3D getting stale, stereoscopic maps are just beginning. Sure, Blue Aliens With USB Tails are fun in 3D, but so are houses and that special “computer vision” that Google uses on Street View — on some corners bushes are rendered in two planes, making them looking like a theatrical cut-out. Merging of the tiles is a bit off sometimes but all of that could be overlooked for the “Wow” factor.
So the last 30 minutes I spent pointing Google Maps at different addresses and staring in near-realistic-3D at buildings, cars and bushes, zooming into trees and looking at the same spot from different positions.

To turn it on, find a pair of red-blue glasses, right-click when in Street View, select “3D Mode on”. Have fun!

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