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The “new” new Nook: just great

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Back in 2010 I actually bought the first B&N Nook. The device was curious, shortcomings were somewhat annoying, and beyond a crowd of enthusiasts that would buy practically anything Android-powered, it was an “Ok” device. Since then, Barnes & Noble released another “new” Nook — the color one, which I skipped (I’ll wait for the […]

Time Warner is testing the usage billing. Again

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When AT&T announced caps back in May you probably pretty much figured out that Time Warner will be headed there too quite soon. Well, the soon is now. Bloomberg reports that TW CEO says they’re working on installing meters. Just like the Communist Party, it will be done “for the sake of fairness” and, I […]

The most fun I’ve had with 3D this week: Google Maps Street View

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Well, I’ve completely missed the fact that Google Maps Street View is now available in 3D. So, while Hollywood is wringing hands about 3D getting stale, stereoscopic maps are just beginning. Sure, Blue Aliens With USB Tails are fun in 3D, but so are houses and that special “computer vision” that Google uses on Street […]

Microsoft Russia: Of course we’ll give Skype source code to government

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Microsoft’s about to buy Skype, everyone read about it. And, inevitably, Microsoft is already getting blamed for every sneeze/cough/outage/weirdness of Skype there is (specifically that little Easy Bits Games Go fiasco that let users to believe they just caught some trojan or a virus and outage that made some thing it’s a sabotage). But there […]