The Global Warming will… will… will threaten your WiFi! There!

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Wow, just wow. Yes, I know that UK government is more concerned about the global warming… er… climate change. But claiming that it will threaten UK’s WiFi connections? That’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel. I mean come on, claiming there will be millions of displaced people due to climate change didn’t work out (that forecast is now pushed further out, because demographics proved to be just the opposite) and now the environment department tries to find out anything that could be considered by regular folks “scary”?

“If climate change threatens the quality of your signal, or you can’t get it because of extreme fluctuations in temperature, then you will be disadvantaged, which is why we must address the question,” said [ the secretary of state for the environment, Caroline Spelman]

Um… right. So the temperature rise and lots of rains will reduce the quality of WiFi and/or other wireless services (in the report it’s put as “Reduced quality of wireless service from increased temperatures and intense rainfall”). Sure. Rain kinda dampens the signal. Despite that, WiFi and wireless signals are successfully used in, say, Texas, where temperatures are way higher than in UK, even taking into account warming trend. As well, as in countries that are drier, wetter or colder than UK is now or will be after another couple degrees of warming and extra rain/snowfall too.

Now, the reasonable part of the report does suggest to be better prepared for cases of severe weather, or floods. But that’s just common sense. When planning for long term projects, take into account potential climate issues. And don’t hope that a miracle will happen and economy will suddenly switch to some zero point energy module or something else that will reduce greenhouse emissions so drastically, that climate change will be stopped, all of a sudden.

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