Google Voice: Hold off on activating Sprint integration

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Google Voice has finally turned on it’s integration with Sprint cell phone subscribers. Or, at least, for most of them. And, unsurprisingly, a large swath of problems is now making life of those “early adopters” miserable. And I’m not surprised.

Google has always been a company for robots and adventurous humans. Most things are extremely automated, work well (or well enough) and generally behave. However, if you happen to run into a problem, there is nobody to help, especially if you’re not paying for extra service or are not a major Google partner (showing millions of their ads on one of your sites etc). Standard response is “go read a forum”, wail there and hope someone can figure out what is wrong and give you some sort of an advise.

Remember when Google Nexus One was released? Technical difficulties aside, the primary problem was practically zero support for customers. And that was for someone who just spent a few hundred bucks on a phone, what could someone using free Google Voice service expect?

So, for now just wait. Google Voice is great as is, without additional integration, and you still can use it for cheap international phone calls. You can dial out via GV, though, of course, multi-ring is pretty much impossible in Sprint’s current system. But if you’re willing to change your number, just start giving everyone your GV number, and allow the app to handle all calls without “fully” integrating.

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