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Twitpic: News-worthy photos will be sold by us

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Oh, how lovely! TwitPic found a way to monetize their free storage by selling users’ pics to news organizations (by partnering with WENN). And you, author of the photo, while retaining copyright, will not see a single penny. Specifically in updated TwitPic terms and conditions (here and forth the emphasis is mine): To publish another […]

Sony and Debix: scary number of errors

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So, Sony has (finally) made the second step of trying to smoothe over this horrible Playstation Network hacking incident, and actually emailed out the invitation link to get free identity theft protection from Debix. Specifically their “AllClear ID PLUS” (the link is specific to Sony customers). Given a series of “secondary” hacks occuring at a […]

Google sends a big juicy smooch to phishing sites: no url bar!

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I’ve already complained about Google Chrome’s sudden desire to whack the protocol from URL bar (and favicon too, though that’s secondary). Now Google is about to give a big juicy smooch to all the phishers out there — a new experimental feature in Google Chrome — hide that pesky address bar completely. Well, the tool […]

What happens to electric cars when rolling blackouts hit?

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Electric cars are great. They are supposed to divorce us from being dependent on oil (mostly, as electric cars do contain a large amount of plastics, which are made out of oil, but that’s a one-time “oil expense”), run extra quiet (for now, as manufacturers will have to add some noise) and require several hours […]

Zappos: where your review makes you look smarter than you are

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One of my friends shared a link to the Slate article about review editing, which referred a study about the impact of well-written reviews on sales by Panos Ipeirotis. Well, the study was about improving product prediction, but as a side note authors noted, that well-written reviews, with no grammar and spelling errors, improve sales […]