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Ah, the Groupon/LivingSocial Clones… Gotta love that swarm of sites, all offering subscription to some “special deal”, once a day (or so, weekends can be weird) with outrageous deals. And what do I see? A new one, advertised by Techcrunch. Of course I had to check it out (at least as a thanks for momentarily distracting Techcrunch writers from singing dithyrambs to Quorra).

Rounded up corners? Check!
Twitter/Facebook links? Check!
Screen, demanding email address? Check!
Deals? Well… no. No checkmark there.

And that’s the biggest weirdness — their “kinda-closed club deal type of thing” and complete absence of any deal information. Both Groupon and Livingsocial allow you to get around the sign-up screen to see what is it that you’d be potentially saving on today. Heck, you can click on past deals and see if there’s anything that seems at least remotely interesting/relevant that they tried to sell you. Not here.

“Past deals” section is empty (claiming “just launched”), which I’m okay with. But you can’t see even the current deal, even though Techcrunch claims they already have some. Nu-uh, the nerdy mascot won’t let you see anything without you giving them your work e-mail address, which is the biggest WTF right there. It also has to be a corporate email from company listed the Crunchbase, which, I think, is really pointless, as Crunchbase contains practically any company you can think of (64,711 as of right now), so they may as well just not filter email at all. And then, you, as a “chosen hipster”, would be able to share this deal to regular people via special link.

Hellooo, the whole idea of Groupon/Living Social is that there is a gazillion people that will buy up a huge amount of heavily discounted stuff. Here they both try to do the Groupon thing yet kinda-sorta limit it (I don’t see anything describing if the link will be limited, or if people will simply post it onto a Fat Wallet forum, or, which is stupid. So, I don’t think it makes any sense to risk being spammed by the deals site at my work address, unless I see the actual deals.

I may try to check it out again later (if I remember), to see if they post some actual deals. In the meantime, for tech/nerdy stuff there’s Woot, and, and for everything else — Groupon/Living Social.

P.s. per comment on Techcrunch, the post there was “pre-launch”, so I have to wait a bit longer

p.p.s. Per Living Techie’s facebook page, they now do allow anyone to sign up, not those who are in the database. “Until May 6th”, so still implies restrictions and hence still a giant fail. Oh well.

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