Social experiment: non-pregnant “pregnant teen”

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There’s been an interesting social experiment where high school senior girl pretended for almost whole school year (6 and a half months) to be pregnant. It’s a fantastic prank, and interesting psychological experiment. While I can’t wait to see what will be the end result and conclusions from this, I have to ask a few more questions.
Specifically, now, that whole school learned that she and the principal were lying straight to their faces all year long, will they trust them ever again? While Gaby was collecting “rumors and stereotypes” , is that collection valid from scientific point of view?

For example, if stereotype dictates that pregnant teenagers are more “annoying” (I won’t use the b-word in this case), would this mean that she played her role too well, or that people expect pregnant women to be more demanding? How can someone account for people distancing themselves from her or automatically lowering her perceived IQ level due to decision to have unprotected sex at her age? Now that they know she lied about it, should they feel bad about it, or simply dismiss the whole thing?

News article also doesn’t explain in details what kind of pregnant teen did she play. Did she tell everyone she was getting prenatal care? Did she “purchase” insurance? Took her vitamins and ate well? Tell anyone about “plans” with her boyfriend? Though probably “No” on the latter, as she mentions she was afraid her boyfriend would be beaten up, which means he was “irresponsible party” in the eyes of her peers.

But all of that speculation has to wait until after the final report. In the meantime, Gaby Rodriguez will go on national TV to tell everyone about her experiment. Oh, and next time you see a pregnant teen remember, she could be quite non-pregnant, just running an experiment. Heck, if someone tells you he/she killed a cat, don’t believe them off the bat either — could be another experiment.

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