Chicago school bans homemade lunches

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So, up until this week general public didn’t know that for 6 years Chicago school banned homemade lunches in the name of “healthful eating”. And big bucks for school lunch provider Chartwells-Thompson. Not surprising.

Yes, parents make many bad decisions, and no, school district still doesn’t seem to put the responsibility on them in a good way (specifically not budging when parents blame the school for this and that). But forcing everyone to eat school lunch instead of bringing something with them? I don’t see how that’s a good policy, as it doesn’t do much but teaches kids to hate “healthy stuff”.

Specifically, there’s no real incentive to improve the bad taste of healthy meals. Heck, everyone is forced to buy them anyways, even though many kids will throw most of it away and go hungry.

I do support removing soda and vending machines from schools, but whatever parents want to feed their kids is their business. For those who argue it’s for the kids’ sake, there’s only one reasonable solution — full boarding schools.

Because kids will be loading up on unhealthy stuff before and after school, while skipping lunch. Because spending most of the time in front of a TV instead of active games is also bad for you. Because many parents don’t pay enough attention to their kids’ home work (helping them, making sure they read stuff they need to etc). So, to prevent pupils from escaping horrible taste of healthy cra food go full turkey, and charge parents for that boarding school too, cause it’s for the sake of the children. Sheesh.

*April 12 2011: Update* Chicago Tribune posted a follow-up to the story in which they say that the principle “now says that she doesn’t employ the practice” though it’s not immediately clear if the practice of banning homemade lunch has now been stopped

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  1. Spencer Hunt

    Frozen, steamed, processed expensive school lunch vs a home made healthy sack lunch?

    Over my dead body.

    When I was growing up we had fresh produce from the home garden or home orchard in our sack lunches packed by my mom. I was proud to eat healthy. I still am.


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