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Marketing weirdness: Living Techie

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Ah, the Groupon/LivingSocial Clones… Gotta love that swarm of sites, all offering subscription to some “special deal”, once a day (or so, weekends can be weird) with outrageous deals. And what do I see? A new one, advertised by Techcrunch. Of course I had to check it out (at least as a thanks for momentarily […]

Google translate – where a dot means a lot

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Google Translate is a fun service — both as something that helps you to get a vague idea about what some news article in foreign language says, as well as an endless source of amusement and OMG WTF moments (without BBQ, unfortunately). Lesson number one: a measly dot, or an absence of one can spoil […]

Social experiment: non-pregnant “pregnant teen”

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There’s been an interesting social experiment where high school senior girl pretended for almost whole school year (6 and a half months) to be pregnant. It’s a fantastic prank, and interesting psychological experiment. While I can’t wait to see what will be the end result and conclusions from this, I have to ask a few […]

City of Austin about to raise tax rates, still has deficit

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Well, what a shocking development. The city of Austin ran out of money and is going to raise taxes and do it by just 3% because that way they don’t have to put it up for a vote. It’s mind-boggling, partially because the city spends money on stuff like a freaking boardwalk by the lake […]

Waze community driving: still not quite there, though fun to use

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I’ve been using community mapping/navigation Waze for quite some time now. And while the latest Android version works much better on my HTC EVO 4G, the UI-wise there are still some problems. Or I simply have wrong expectations (which is quite possible). First of all, their “dynamic zooming” doesn’t seem to work on EVO at […]