AT&T and T-Mobile – Sprint’s bad luck

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Well, that was unexpected. As many others, I think the AT&T – T-Mobile merger will result in this:


It’s like trying to merge a hipster with an old bureaucrat and expect hipster to win — doesn’t normally happen.
I don’t think T-Mobile’s customer service will really go downhill once the merger is approved. And I almost have no doubt it will be approved — when company is willing to spend around 39 billion dollars to buy something, there will be plenty of money for “lobbying”.

The worst aspect of this merger is Sprint being completely spurned and having to do LTE migration by itself. Or with Lightsquared. But still, T-Mobile could help it out a lot, plus both carriers were more of an outsiders to the big two (slightly cheaper plans, better data services etc).

I hope Sprint will make it. And I hope that those people who find perspective of being back with AT&T unappealing enough to be willing to switch over to either Sprint directly, or one of Sprint pre-paid sub-brands. Especially if it stops blowing smoke and announces solid LTE migration plans already. Or at least picks up CDMA version of iPhone.

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