If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t care that much

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Marketing from Apple always was exciting and fresh. And occasional inaccuracies are usually written off as per “artistic license”. But lately their standards have fallen, especially when looking at facts.

Yes, if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have “that” app store. You probably have Android Market instead, or download apps directly (even Nokia has that O-named embarrassment that technically is also an app store). But mostly Android, as Nokia has given up, Microsoft hasn’t started yet, and Blackberry lingers in “ugly business apps” land. Finding the “top rated” stuff in Android market is not a problem — reviews are there, and, in addition to a two-click process, you get to see what exactly this new app is going to do on your phone (track your every move? send text messages?)

That pretty Delta app demonstrated on the iPhone exists on Android as well (including “ability to download boarding pass”, so I guess it’s identical). And for those obsessed with coffee there is My Coffee Card, which does the same thing — allows you to pay for your coffe from the screen of the phone. As well as manage the info, see how much money you left on the card etc.

That’s two for two. Come on, marketing department, find some innovative and exclusive apps to demonstrate. Otherwise if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone and you don’t care that much. Because you’ve got a Droid. Or HTC phone.

And heck, your pages inside applications load about 52% faster even on an old version of Android. At least for now…

You could use a feature phone, and then you’re probably not even tempted to switch to any smartphone, because you expect phone to live on a single charge for 3-5 days and just receive and place calls. Fine with me, whatever floats your rootbeer…

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