Doctors demand that all genetic tests go through them

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Another fantastic example of US doctors trying their best to squeeze themselves into a new food chain where they are, frankly, not needed (the first one is prescribing antibiotics for simple illnesses, something that skilled nurse-practitioner is quite capable to do at a fraction of the cost).
Today’s “you can’t do it without a physician!” market — genetic tests.
American Medical Association suddenly realized, that there’s this whole market of overt-the-counter genetic tests that people can use and get results back, gasp, without ever seeing an inside of a doctor’s room. Outrageous! So, they wrote a letter to the FDA, demanding that:

genetic testing, except under the most limited circumstances, should be carried out under the personal supervision of a qualified health care professional, and provide individuals interested in obtaining genetic testing access to qualified health care professionals for further information

While I don’t have a problem with having a consultation from geneticist, this particular letter quickly falls into standard category of “do not undermine physician-patient relationship” by demanding that physician is to be a mandatory step for any genetic testing. No, thanks.

I do agree with requirement to provide additional precision information and statistics — in other words so each genetic testing company would show some sort of a badge that indicates precision of tests (perhaps by running standard random tests) and, if company provides some “risk estimation”, additional information on methodology and error rates.
Beyond that, should someone decide to do a genetic test, they shouldn’t need to go to a physician to get a prescription for the sets (and conveniently get charged for a visit). After all, you can get, say, cholesterol screening done without a mandatory doctor visit, why not genetic test?

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