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Conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Osaka

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Today’s post is a translation of a report about Conveyor belt sushi restaurant (回転寿司 — Kaiten Zushi) in Osaka, written by Natalia nobody_s_fool and photographer Sanmai who live in Japan. Conveyor belt sushi restaurant (回転寿司, kaiten-zushi) is a very popular type of sushi restaurant throughout all of Japan. Such places are known for low prices, […]

AIM Group tries to claim Craigslist is full of crime, trumps up statistics

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IB Times reports on study about Craigslist and crime. Study was conducted by AIM Group which specializes in placement of paid classifieds, and, unsurprisingly, disses free online classifieds as “a cesspool of crime”. According to their study last year Craigslist was linked to 447 crimes (12 murders, 105 robberies/assaults and 330 abstract crimes), which supposed […]

Apple subscription – death to periodicals

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So, it finally happened, Apple has announced subscription service for in-store purchases, and, by definition, will now be prohibiting any “tricks” with linking to an outside web site to complete the purchase. All while taking the same 30% cut of the sales price. Given the margins that subscription services work on, it’s insane. And it […]

Nokia and Microsoft join forces, open new possibilities

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So, it happened. Nokia and Microsoft are joining forces, so I get to write an update to the Burning Platform post. Overall, I like the idea, though I think Nokia should go even further. Positive aspects of the deal: – Hardware guys finally will be free to do interesting things, no longer shackled by Symbian […]

Amazon to Texas: fine, we’ll close the distribution center

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Amazon is not a stranger to a tax fight, and looks like that fight has just escalated. Amazon’s VP of Operations has just sent a letter, announcing closing of Dallas suburb fulfillment center because the state of Texas demanded $269 million in uncollected sales taxes from 2005 till 2009 plus penalties and interest (you know, […]