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Google lost the war on spam in shopping results

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So, thanks to global warming global cooling freaky weather (oh whatever it is, but it’ll get blamed on global warming anyways) Austin is expected to have a wonderful 14F weather this week. Given that insulation in homes here is kinda slim, especially in a garage, I was thinking about bringing in a spatial heater to […]

Netflix: DVD shipments about to start declining

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So, the Netflix results are in, and they’re doing great. Streaming-only plan seems to be attractive enough to provide rapid subscriber growth and more than a third of new subscribers pick it. The remainder goes for 1-at-a-time plan (but probably because other plans are simply no longer visible on the home page) and a small […]

W3C to developers: we’re back to HTML from HTML5

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Oh boy. Just when I was all excited about HTML5 (well, I still am), there’s this little bombshell: after HTML5 it will be a living standard HTML. I thought it was a hoax, for a minute. If it is a hoax, please-please-please let me know. The biggest problem is, of course, validation and compliance. As […]

Bank of America mortgage fee change: just pay on time

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I know, it’s very popular these days to hate Bank of America. And in most cases that hate is justified — when they foreclose on wrong house or do something else wrong and unethical. However, this year people went overboard complaining about the fees that bank charges when you try to pay your mortgage way […]

Sprint: bye, price advantage, hello $10 fee for everyone

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Well, not everyone, just everyone who wants to buy an Android or Windows 7 or Blackberry phone. Which is a lot of people anyways. I already wrote about anti-points on their $10 for 4G service last May. Now this $10 “because we can” fee is spreading to everyone on a new contract. But that’d be […]