Review: Kalayna Price — Grave Witch (4 stars)

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Kalayna Price: Grave Witch (Alex Craft, Book 1)

I continue my search for the perfect (okay, “good enough” will work) urban paranormal detective series. I found this Alex Craft story by accident, and decided to give it a go. Overall it’s not bad. The “Spunky Female Factor” is kinda there, but the main heroine is a bit of a familiar face. Like Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan she has no money. Like Anita Blake, she’s a necromancer, deals with raising shades for money. She kinda helps the police and reminds me a bit of Vicki Nelson.

Well, I can’t be an impartial judge of a character, as all of the novels slowly but surely merge into one somewhat incoherent mess in my memory. But I digress.

There’s a murder of a famous politician, a long-lasting conflict with her father, several attempts on her life due to investigation and a couple of male characters that pique her interest (one oscillating from “jackass” to “not such a bad guy, and another is actually Death), fairies get tangled into this whole mess and a complete lack of werewolves (pity).

Overall story comes out somewhat of a mess, with too many hooks for the “future books” but interesting enough to continue reading. Unfortunately, predictability is quite high, and some very important hints are dropped in quite an awkward manner, primarily I guess to make sure that read gets it (wink, wink, *giant neon sign: CLUE ALERT*), so the detective component of the story suffers a bit. Hence 4 stars. Will see where this goes…

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