3rd eye weird – such a big camera

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Professor's back of the head cam (frame from CNN video)

So, that photography teacher did go through with the “camera implant”. Interesting project.

It’s like HP’s always-on camera, except in this case it’s less fun — people don’t care about pointing the back of their head to an interesting thing, usually just the opposite. Even when sleeping face is usually out looking at the room, while back of the head is on the pillow (okay, for some people who sleep on their stomach it’s not true).

The strangest part is the actual huge honking cam. I mean short of bolting onto your head a full-scale DSLR Nikon, this is one huge camera. Perhaps teacher’s salary put the limitation on how small it will be? Or he purposefully chose big one, with thick cable connected to it? Otherwise it looks like a super-sized stethoscope glued to the head with a sticky tape.

Always-on cam will record one frame per minute and will be off during the class (why?). Will see if anything fun comes out of this.

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