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Review and advise: Pandora on HTC EVO with Ford Sync

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So, after most of my shenanigans with bluetooth were over, of course I decided to try the new App Link for Sync. Several steps were required — I downloaded Sync update (old thumb drive did not work, so, before downloading anything, make sure your USB thumb drive is readable by plugging it into car and […]

HTC Evo + Turbo ROM + SYNC bluetooth = chaos, phone book problem

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I have broken the primary rule of programming (and electronics/software use): If something is working well, do not touch it with your bare hands. Especially if hands are growing out of, shall we say, wrong places, which certainly is the case here. I am a complete noob in ROM/Android developer. Technically, almost nothing is wrong […]

Review: Kalayna Price — Grave Witch (4 stars)

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Kalayna Price: Grave Witch (Alex Craft, Book 1) I continue my search for the perfect (okay, “good enough” will work) urban paranormal detective series. I found this Alex Craft story by accident, and decided to give it a go. Overall it’s not bad. The “Spunky Female Factor” is kinda there, but the main heroine is […]

Passwords and security: not all accounts are precious

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After Gawker password database breach news broke, there were several conclusions: don’t taunt hackers, especially if your own security is mediocre; don’t use the same password everywhere and, the most frequent one, “OMG! People are idiots and have very weak passwords”. I completely agree with the advise of not using the same password in many […]

Borders Rewards Plus: an echo of old times

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Borders is the only physical book store I go to. When I just moved to the US I did believe in mantra “physical books are expensive”. A trip to “the” book store under the banner of Barnes and Nobles pretty much confirmed that — easy reading in Science Fiction was selling for “recommended price”. And […]