Denair middle school to student: no flag on school property

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And here’s another example of political correctness going way, way overboard. Administration of Denair middle school (California, of course) prohibited 13-year old Cody Alicea from flying the US flag on his bicycle. Apparently, showing the flag of the country you live in is now politically incorrect, as some students complained the 8th grader was riding around with offending symbol.

School official claimed that the whole situation happened because some students brought Mexican flag for Cinco de Mayo, and then other students brought the American flag, and there’s some sort of rivalry and having US flag can lead to “racial problems” and they were concerned about Cody’s safety. One would think Cody’d get help from teachers, but no. That would force school administration to stand up for freedom of speech and, oh horrors, potentially reprimand someone who is causing “racial problems”. As news show, in situation like that political correctness always wins, and Cody was prohibited from flying the flag. Prohibition came after 2 months of problem-free riding with the flag and “conveniently” coincided with the Veterans Day.

Parents learned about the incident only afterwards, when boy told them about having to stash the flag into his backpack for the day. Thank goodness the local TV station picked up the story and once the news “hit the fan” everyone in school district backpedaled as fast as they can. There will be a school board meeting on 18th, all phones are pretty much jammed and activists promised to send flags to the school daily.

Perhaps this will help supervisor responsible for the whole thing to think first and issue bans later. As well as make sure that in a conflict involving patriotic symbols political correctness doesn’t play a role in choosing whom to punish. For now, the flag is back, and kid feels proud of all the attention and support from everyone.

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