Poor Sprint, Verizon is creeping closer to their plans

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Oh boy. Looks like Verizon is not quite happy with that Sprint’s commercial where they claim to offer a better plan for $69.99. Which is still true up to this point — you generally have to choose limited anytime minutes on Sprint with unlimited anything else or unlimited talk and sms but not data on ATT/Verizon.
Now Verizon moved one step closer to Sprint: for $69.99 you get the same 450 anytime minutes, unlimited SMS/MMS and data. Mobile to mobile minutes are Verizon only, and I presume night/weekend is still from 9PM.

Now Sprint is still a somewhat better deal — night/weekends start at 7PM, and all mobile numbers from all carriers are included, plus you can roam on Verizon where Sprint’s coverage is lacking. But having 4G-capable phone automatically means $10 a month upcharge, so Verizon is getting dangerously close (and 4G coverage in south Austin, for example, is sucky anyways)

Verizon was testing unlimited “any mobile any time” equivalent in Texas for a while, but those plans technically should have expired on November 1st, don’t know if they will get extended (plus unlimited data is way more expensive there).
Here’s to hoping that contract plan wars will return soon.

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